How Perma Flow Works


  1. Easy to install.

    Precision engineering, included hardware, and simple instructions make this an easy job with a power screwdriver.

  2. Fast draining.

    Don't worry about heavy downpours. Perma Flow can handle almost any amount of rainfall. (13” per hour water drain test)

  3. Debris shedding.

    Raised domes allow leaves and pine needles to dry and blow away more quickly with a gentle breeze than conventional flat gutter guards.

  4. Simple to maintain.

    Unlike many gutter guards, Perma Flow has a glove-friendly, easy-to-clean surface. Simply spray or brush and you're done.

  5. Versatile and durable.

    Rest easy, even if you live near the ocean or in a humid climate. Perma Flow aluminum stands up to algae, mildew and salt oxidation.

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