How To Install Perma Flow Gutter Protection

New Gutter Hanging

Perma Flow is a strong and reliable solution for new gutter hanging. Its angled front edge engages with the underside of the front gutter hem for secure installation. The double wall back edge then clips over the back wall of the gutter, creating a strong, easy-to-handle box-section. Factory drilled pilot holes let you preset 1-1/2" ceramic coated anchor screws (included in every 25-count carton) prior to climbing a ladder for mounting to the fascia.

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Concealed Hanger

For gutters that use concealed hanger brackets, Perma Flow offers a high-performance, durable, and low-maintenance solution. The guard has a flat shoulder that rests on top of the front gutter edge and concealed hanger brackets. You can then attach the guard using standard 1/2" gutter screws.

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Spike & Ferrule

Perma Flow offers easy installation for spike and ferrule gutters. The guard sections rest on top of the spike and ferrules. You can then secure the guard sections using standard 1/2" gutter screws.

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